This was the singing pumpkin patch we did along side the 3D photos to entertain and add a unique attraction for people to see. We really make these into entertaining events rather then just a line up for a free amazing 3D photo.

Just click on the photo to see full size and again you will see the blurring as it needs its 3D frame.

With Christmas we really make it into a very magical event. With great photos done with the magic of green screen, the families are placed into a dynamic layered phototo giving them a one of a kind photo to share with friends and families, along with familar and loveable characters to keep the kids entertained. Families get a print and an email digital copy as well….and once again 100’s and 100’s of famlies show up for this.

I would be doing new background designs this year as well as the favorites from last year…The santa with the snow globe was a huge hit.